Why are women so crazy about clip-in hair extensions? The popularity of this hairstyling trick is simply increasing. It is not just a fashion statement anymore; it is a smart investment!

Who doesn't desire natural-looking long hair as it can instantly make you look beautiful? Now they can get clip-in hair extensions that can be applied and removed just like that. They seamlessly blend in with your hair making it very difficult to spot. You can wear it on any occasion, thus giving you a fashionable look each time.

But How Long Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Last? And where can you find the perfect beauty investment? Beyond Extensions has the answer. Made from the highest quality materials, their clip-in extensions will last longer than any other ordinary extensions. Just believe these products will change your life!

Now to the real question - how long do clip-in hair extensions last? We will be answering it in this blog, as well as things to consider when purchasing clip-in extensions.

How Long Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Last?

                                                    How Long Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Last? 

Clip-in hair extensions are a great way to change your look without committing to a long-term style. They require minimum care and upkeep compared to other hair extensions and last longer. 

With proper care, your clip-in hair extensions can last from nine to twelve months and even longer if you only wear them occasionally. But there are other factors to consider if you want to find out how long clip-in hair extensions last.

Factors Effects How Long Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Last:


                                                            How Long Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Last

Clip-in extensions can last for a very long time, depending on how well you take care of them. Be sure you're not sleeping or swimming with them. But, as with all extensions, there is a certain factor you need to take into consideration before investing in one.

The following factors will influence how long hair extensions last:

The Raw Material Used: 

One of the main factors that decide How Long Do Clip In Hair Extensions Last is the raw materials used. Your clip-in hair extensions are made from various materials, including human hair and synthetic fibers. 

Human hair extensions are sourced from real human hair, while synthetic ones are made from artificial fibers. Both types of extensions can create a full head of hair or just one or two pieces. 

The main distinction between human and synthetic hair is that the former is more durable and last longer. That's because human hair comes from real people with different growth and thickness patterns in their heads. Synthetic strands don't have these variations, so they tend to be less durable than their human counterparts.

The Hair Quality: 

The second factor that decides How Long Do Clip In Hair Extensions Last is the hair quality. There are three types of extensions based on quality; Couture(natural Remy hair), Select(Remy's hair), and Classic(human hair);

  • The Select clip-in extensions are made of 100% refined Remy Hair, designed for women who want to wear their extensions more often. With 12 exclusive multi-dimensional shades and three lengths to choose from, the Select extensions will give you the look you want that will last beyond 9 months.
  • The Classic clip-in extensions are perfect for those who want to add a little length and volume to their hair. Made of 100% human hair, they are available in 12 shades and three lengths. With proper care, these extensions will last more than six months so that you can enjoy beautiful, healthy-looking hair all season long.
  • The Couture clip-in extensions are made of 100% Remy hair, with almost all cuticles intact, and will last beyond 12 months with normal wear and care - ideal for daily use!

 The Hair Color: 

Another important factor that affects How Long Do Clip In Hair Extensions Last is the hair color. When it comes to hair extensions, lighter shades tend to have a shorter life expectancy and drier texture than darker shades. 

This is due to the bleaching the hair goes through in manufacturing. However, lighter hair extensions can be as beautiful and luxurious as darker shades, so don't be afraid to experiment!

Tip We recommend starting with a lighter shade than your desired color. This way, you can add color to achieve your desired look rather than removing (lightening) extensions. The lighter base color will give you more control over the intensity and tone of the final color.

Frequency Of Use

Lastly, the frequency of use also affects How Long Do Clip In Hair Extensions Last. Unlike permanent hair extensions, clip-ins are not in the hair 24/7 and therefore do not deteriorate as quickly. Permanent hair extensions, such as tapes or micro rings, may have a shorter lifespan, even if the quality is the same as a clip-in.

Clip-in hair extensions are an excellent option for long-lasting hair extensions. These clips hold the extension tightly onto your head and also provide a secure grip for the extension. The clips don't leave any residue when removed, making them more comfortable than other attachment methods.


Final Words

Everyone loves how their hair looks after they get extensions, including you! But how long do clip-in hair extensions last? That's a difficult question because many factors determine how long your hair extensions will last. 

The main factors that affect straight clip-in hair extensions include your hair type, the quality of the extensions, the type of shade, frequency of use, and how you take care of them. We hope you found the answers through this blog!

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