Blonde hair is always a hit when it comes to bob hairstyles. The hottest short blonde bob wig is something every party girl needs, especially if you want to bring a new and different look to your next party!

Did you know that different short blonde bob wigs are available for a great party to look at? So if you have been hesitant to get one do not worry  Paula Young has you covered! We have collected 6 short blonde bobs that will turn up the volume on your night without the hassle of perming and coloring your own hair!

1. Beth Short Blonde Bob Wig 

A mid-length wig with updated shag styling.

Are you looking for a short blonde bob wig energized with sun-kissed texture and carefree, unstructured "tossability"? Beth is your girl! Featuring a hand-tied crown that gives the appearance of natural growth and contouring, Beth is perfect for anyone who wants to rock a shaggy, carefree look.

Plus, the extended neck provides more coverage of the nape of the neck, so you can easily tuck away any extra hair. So if you are in the market for an energized and stylish short blonde bob wig, Beth Wig is a perfect choice!

2. Meryl WhisperLite® Wig 

Elegant mid-length, short blonde bob wig with face-framing layers of loose curls.

The Meryl WhisperLite Wig by Paula Young is a gorgeous mid-length bob that is perfect for any occasion. The voluminous layers of soft, loose barrel curls frame your face beautifully and create a flattering, rounded silhouette. 

The curly, tapered back, nape, and sides complete the romantic and feminine look with a tailored finish. The super-light, baby-fine WhisperLite fibers make the wig so comfortable and lightweight that you will not even feel like you are wearing it! 

3. Shannon Versa Fiber

Mid-length, straight blonde bob wig in heat-resistant fiber.

This wig is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you are going to get. With heat-resistant, curable VersaFiber®, you can have straight hair one day and curly hair the next. 

Do you like to change your look often? No worries!  You will love the versatility of this wig fiber. Just style with heat tools up to 350˚F and clip the curls into place. Let them cool for the best results.

This short blonde bob wig is like a piece of cake - once it is cool, the style is set and ready to go! The hand-tied crown gives the appearance of natural growth. You can change the style of your hair using a heated styling tool. The new style will remain until heat is reapplied, at which point you can create a new style.

4. Deirdre Versafiber

Flirty heat-friendly short blonde bob wig with mid-length layers of soft, beachy waves.

This flirty mid-length wig is enviable for its volume, texture, and dimension. The fringeless, side-parted front effortlessly frames the face, and the entire sides and back complete the carefree silhouette. The waves are heat-resistant up to 350°F.

If you want to wear your hair straight, use a flat iron. If you want to add curls, use a curling iron. Clipping the curls and allowing them to cool will help set the style. The capless construction creates a light - making for the ultimate in comfort and security!

5. Avery Short Blonde Bob Wigs

Flattering shoulder-length bob wig with graduated, face-framing layers.

With this short blonde bob wig, you will have friends begging to get in on the secret of your fabulous hair. Layers that graduate and end in razor-finished ends give this wig a flattering look. The fringeless front and slightly off-center part give this wig a sexy silhouette. 

This wig is easy to take care of due to the Kanekalon synthetic fibers. The open-cap construction allows for a light, airy feel and maximum comfort. You can even wear glasses with this wig, thanks to the small openings in the wig and over the fibers.

6. Dallas Whisperlite Short Blonde Bob Wig

Beautiful short blonde bob wig with chin-length layers of lightly tousled beachy waves.

The Dallas Whisperlite wig is perfect for anyone who wants to look like they just stepped out of a day at the beach. It has all the features of a great chin-length bob wig: enviable volume, natural movement, and a flattering, on-trend style. Plus, the WhisperLite fibers make it so light and comfortable that you will forget you are wearing it!

This beautiful short blonde bob wig is like a cake that's been baked to perfection to last longer. The construction is light and airy, so it is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The ear tabs allow you to wear your glasses still, and the extended neck provides more coverage.

7. Tony's Human Hair Short Blonde Bob Wig

Sophisticated A-line short blonde bob wigs with angled layers of real human hair.

Tony's human hair wig is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your look. The fringeless front and forward-angled sides beautifully frame your face, while the graduated, subtly stacked back completes the modern A-line silhouette. 

The luxurious, 100% real human hair fibers are heat-stylable, just like your own hair, so you can create any look you want!

8. Jenna Short Blonde Bob Wig

Are you looking for a curly wig that's trendy and easy to care for? Look no further than the Jenna wig! This wig features bouncy, airy layers of lightly tousled spiral curls, a fringeless, side-parted top, and complete, curly sides. 

The easy-care Kanekalon synthetic fibers require minimal upkeep, and the Permatease offers volume and fullness without adding extra weight. The open-ear tabs allow you to wear glasses through small openings in the wig and over the fibers for a natural look. 

End Note

If you are a person with short blonde hair looking to go out on a nightly basis and have a good time, then this article is for you!

Short blonde bob wigs are the most popular short blonde hairstyles to wear at parties. They look very natural and easy to style. But if you have a different taste, you can choose one of the Pixie wigs we have prepared. They are also popular among celebrities. Shop now and try them at the next party to turn heads your way!